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Prescription renewals are handled 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Please allow at least 48 hours during the business week to accommodate your request, as each request has to be approved by a physician and all physicians are not in the office every day. Workers' compensation patients may require additional time for insurance to provide authorization for your medication.

If your prescription is running low, please do not wait until the weekend or until your medication has completey run out. If you are planning to travel out of town, please make sure you have enough medication to take on your trip.

Please note: Schedule II narcotics cannot be refilled using this form. Please contact your physician’s clinical staff to arrange pick up of prescriptions for schedule II narcotics.

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*We are currently not processing online prescription refills for the following physicians:

  • Steven G. Owens M.D.
  • John A. Osterkamp M.D.
  • Loren M. Geller M.D.

If you would like to renew a prescription with one of these doctors, please contact our Glendale office at (818) 952-0670.